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Quotes from Recent IAFC Scholarship Winners

“I consider myself fortunate to work in the fire service where I can help people on a daily basis.† I look forward to furthering my knowledge and career with this scholarship from IAFC and finish my Bachelor in Applied Science degree in Fire Science Administration in 2019.” - Jason Albers

“Obtaining this scholarship will allow me to further my knowledge in the management of public safety and prepare myself for my future goal of becoming an Officer within the Northbrook Fire Department.† Furthermore, this scholarship will ease the financial burden of tuition and allow me to focus on learning.† This award is especially important to me, because it indicates that there is an immense the level of support for the advancement of education in our trade.† I believe that with a solid education, that we can increase fire ground safety, while improving our level of service to the community.” - Brent Aversano

“First off, I want to thank the IAFC and the IAFC donors for the opportunity to receive such an amazing scholarship. I am honored to be one of the selected Firefighters to receive a scholarship, this scholarship will assist me in continuing my Bachelors in Fire and Emergency Management. Receiving such a great scholarship will help financially and allow me to take an additional class sooner than I would have been able to.” - Phillip Benak

“I would like to thank the International Association of Fire Chiefs Foundation for awarding me with a 2018 Educational Scholarship.† The award will assist me in completing my Masters in Public Affairs which will provide me with the necessary knowledge and experience to lead the Calumet City Fire Department into the future.† Also as a leader in my department, being able to†show my members the importance of furthering your education beyond traditional fire service programs and how the sacrifice and dedication is worth the struggle is invaluable.†” - Peter Bendinelli

“It is important to me to move from a good senior man to an educated leader and this scholarship will assist me with my college education. My goal is to promote to lieutenant, part of the preparation for that position is being well versed in hands on skills as well as managerial skills. The pursuit of higher education will make me a well-rounded leader and I am excited for my future.” - Matthew Brown

“The International Association of Fire Chiefs Foundation Scholarship will allow me to continue on with my education through Colombia Southern University†for a†Associates Degree†Fire Science. I'm hopeful that†once I†complete my degree it will allow me to better serve my community as well as the Clayton Fire Company. I have to†give a huge thank you to IAFC Foundation for awarding me this scholarship.” - Alexander Carrow

“Itís an honor to receive this scholarship from the International Fire Chiefs Association. This scholarship will help me further my education. In moving forward with my education it will not only benefit me but will also benefit my co-workers and residents within my fire district. I plan to use this scholarship to complete my bachelorís degree.” - Frank Chojnacki

“I am extremely honored and excited to have been chosen for the IAFC scholarship award.† The scholarship will help me with my goal of completing my Bachelorís degree. ††A Bachelorís degree is a current requirement at my department to promote to Battalion Chief.† With Four kids, one about to start college, it will really help with the costs.” - Scott Clark

“Thank you for your generosity and support. The Educational Scholarship not only allows me pursue my education goals, it helps me demonstrate to others that education and self-improvement is an everlasting process.” - Clint Cunz

“I am very honored to be a recipient of this scholarship from the International Association of Fire Chiefs.† It means a great deal to me that organizations such as yours recognize†the hard work and long hours invested in furthering my education to better myself as a person and as a fire chief. My goal is to make a difference in the fire service and the degree I am working towards will help in making that goal come to fruition.” - Gerald DiNunzio, Jr

“I sincerely appreciate the support of those who value higher education and want me to continue in my studies. Pursuing a degree in a competitive field like the fire service is challenging and itís encouraging to know that people are willing to support me! I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for being selected as the recipient of the IAFC scholarship. Your assistance enables me to pursue my academic ambitions without worrying about financing my next classes. ” - Danny Eades

“I would like to thank the IAFC Foundation for the scholarship. Higher education is important, but can be difficult to attain for the seasoned student. I will be able to finish my degree with the help of this scholarship.” - Dustin Fiscus

“I appreciate the continued support from the International Association of Fire Chiefs Foundation as I further my education.† I will complete my Masterís Degree in Public Administration this Fall.† The path has not been easy and without help from the IAFC it would be even more difficult. My family and I thank you.” - Nathan Gac

“I am honored to be presented the 2018 IAFCís President Scholarship Award from the IAFC Foundation. It is gestures like these that make the IAFC so valuable, to individuals like myself, in our pursuit of academic and professional excellence. This scholarship will assist in the completion of my degree and allow me the opportunity to provide leadership to others in the fire service.” - Casey Jones

“I am honored to be the recipient of the 2018 Heather Westphal Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship will provide me financial assistance in the pursuit of my Doctorate in Public Administration. I am confident that the knowledge and experiences I gain throughout this degree program will be applicable to my career path in the fire service. Thank you to the IAFC and Heather Westphalís family and friends.” - Lindsay Judah

“I would like to thank you as well as IAFC for your consideration and awarding the scholarship to me. This is a huge honor for me, and it will go a long way in furthering my education in the field of fire prevention and investigation. I look forward to expanding my horizons and knowledge in this field, and I hope to exceed the expectations placed on me to further these fields during my time of study.” - Seth Keeling

“This scholarship shows the importance and the commitment the IAFC has for continuing education for those serving in the fire service.† The fire service is rapidly evolving into more than just fighting fires, and higher education is needed to keep up with those changes.† I am honored to receive this scholarship and represent myself and my department as I continue this journey for my college degree.” - Derrick Llewellyn

“This scholarship opportunity allows for the continuation of lifelong learning which I believe is a fundamental component of servant leadership.† Maintaining a full arsenal of tools to effectively lead with is imperative.† I am honored to be selected to receive this opportunity to continue my journey as a student and practitioner of fire service leadership. ” - Michael Marino

“The pace of change is accelerating, the demand for professional evidence-based leadership is rising as well. This scholarship will allow me to explore ways to uses cognitive psychology to enhance firefighter and paramedic performance. There are opportunities to apply human factor psychology in ways that may enhance a responder's ability to save lives while concurrently reducing the occurrence of PTSD.” - Shaughn Maxwell

“I am looking to augment my training in public management by earning my Master of Science in Public Safety Administration from Lewis University, where I will be able to further challenge my fire service talents. The money from this scholarship will help me cover tuition, a cost that could be unmanageable until my own children have graduated college. Receiving my graduate degree will also provide me with an informal network of professionals encountering the same issues and working toward similar goals within their organizations and communities. In this way, my education will extend far beyond the completion of my degree and will instead give me the tools needed to be successful throughout my career.” - Joseph McClimon

“I am very honored and humbled to be chosen as a recipient of this scholarship award. This award means that I can continue working toward my goal of earning my Bachelorís Degree in Public Safety Administration. I am very much appreciative of the IAFC choosing me as a recipient because earning this degree will help me progress in my career and will help me to become more of an asset to my organization.” - Randall McCreadie

“As a proud and thankful recipient of the 2018 Arthur J. Glatfelter Memorial Scholarship, I am better able to pursue a graduate level education that will assist in furthering my personal and leadership development. Endeavoring to positively impact the fire service and those with whom I am fortunate to serve, the gracious financial support of the International Association of Fire Chiefs Foundation and its distinguished donors helped make this a reality.” - Ryan McLean

“Receiving the 2018 IAFC Foundation Educational Scholarship will allow me to continue my pursuit of a degree in Emergency Management. This degree will be utilized in my current and future positions within the fire service to better develop plans and respond to emergencies and disasters. This scholarship allows me to focus more on my studies versus worrying about how to pay for the classes. Without the assistance of organizations like the IAFC many in the fire service would not be capable of pursuing their higher education.” - Robert Morgan

“I feel honored to be selected by the IAFC for a 2018 educational scholarship. This award will allow me to continue pursing my Fire Administration B.S., while preparing me to better serve my community. This opportunity will also enable me to encourage present and future members of the fire service to engage in fire service higher education, and to notice how organizations like the IAFC truly make a difference in our profession.” - Trey Nelms

“I would like to express my gratitude for the scholarship award.† I am currently pursuing my Bachelors of Fire Science Degree at Purdue Global University.† My department budget has limited funds for higher educational purposes.† Therefore, I will use the awarded scholarship to cover tuition costs associated with my degree pursuit.† I am truly grateful for the generous award granted by the IAFC and I will use the higher education I receive to assist me in my future† development as an officer within the Effingham Fire Department.” - Joseph Nieman






“As a result of receiving IAFCís prestigious scholarship, I will be able to purchase books and other study materials in college as I set forth on my journey in the medical field. When I come home during my summer breaks, I plan to give back to my community by continuing volunteering at the Melville Fire Department. I am thankful for receiving this scholarship in honor of all of the men and women in the fire service who have translated their passion of service and commitment for the betterment of their communities” - Daniela Pasquarello

“I would like to thank the International Association of Fire Chiefs for not only considering me, but awarding me this scholarship. This scholarship has paved the way for ultimately changing my life for the better. The additional monies will help in furthering my education towards a Bachelor's Degree in Fire Administration, and virtually solidify my goal to become the chief of a fire department” - Robert Patton

“Thank you for the generosity you have shown me by selecting me for this scholarship. The IAFC has proven time and again that it is highly concerned with the future of the fire service by helping to develop future leaders. This scholarship will help me pursue my goal of attaining a bachelor's degree and hopefully, eventually the Executive Fire Officer Designation from the National Fire Academy.” - James Ray

“I am humbled and honored to have been selected for a 2018 IAFC Foundation Scholarship. This scholarship will help me complete my Bachelorís Degree in Emergency Management and also increase my knowledge so that I may provide better service to the citizens and visitors that I serve as a member of Orange County Fire Rescue Department (FL). It will also help me as I move forward in career and begin my next promotional process to Assistant Chief.” - Leslie Reed Jr

“An educational scholarship from the IAFC represents opportunities to engage in critical learning that will lead to sustainability of service to our citizens. I am grateful to have received this prestigious scholarship as it provides funding that will further build the framework of public safety policy. In an ever-changing environment where the complexities of the fire service are constantly evolving, continued education is vital to ensure our commitment to our community never falters.” - Anthony Rios

“It is truly an honor to be selected as a recipient of the International Association of Fire Chiefs Foundation Scholarship. The scholarship will assist in the pursuit of my Masterís Degree in emergency management. The educational experience not only benefits my department, but also our community and the people we serve. The individual strength achieved through higher education helps to build a solid platform and develop leaders throughout the fire service. ” - Michael Rutkowski

“I am truly grateful to the IAFC for this scholarship. Education is one of the building blocks of our chosen career and with this award, I get the opportunity to continue my education, assisting me in being a better servant leader to others.” - Sidney Shoaf

“The Arthur J. Glatfelter Memorial Scholarship will assist me in furthering my career in the fire service.† I will continue my study in the area of Organizational Leadership helping me become a more effective leader in the fire service.† Receiving this scholarship makes me a better person, because it lets me know that there is an organization that believes in me and is working with me to help the fire service become even stronger and more effective.” - Jonathan Smith

“This scholarship will enable me to fulfill my goal with a Fire Service Administration degree while giving back to my fellow personnel in emergency services. This scholarship will continue to let me engage in a culture of †higher learning. This award complements the character of potential leadership in the future, which is the forecast to measure oneself against.” - Mark Smith

“My dad is a volunteer firefighter, so growing up around the fire station gave me the opportunity to see all the men and women who left significant events to answer the call for help. I look forward to being able to answer those calls for help myself and this scholarship will help give me the education needed to answer those calls.” - Leigh Snyder

“I sincerely appreciate the support from the IAFC and those who value higher education. †Pursuing a Masterís Degree as a Fire Chief is the expectation for the industry and the communities we serve. This scholarship has given me the opportunity to achieve my goal and become a Fire Chief. The financial pressures of today sometimes detract us from moving forward. I am fortunate that the IAFC has allowed me to continue my efforts in higher education. Thanks, IAFC.” - David Spencer

“Receiving this 2018 IAFC Foundations Educational Scholarship will help me to complete my graduate degree in Organization Leadership from Gonzaga University. This degree has already helped me in my leadership skills with particular focus in servant-leadership. This has benefitted me greatly at work but also other areas of my life.” - Cameron Stewart

“I would like to thank the International Association of Fire Chiefs Foundation for the scholarship. It is exciting to be chosen as a recipient. I have been working hard for many years to obtain a bachelorís degree and make a difference in my community. This scholarship will bring me one step closer to completing a degree. Thanks again for your support.” - Greg Temp

“I would like to thank the IAFC Foundation for selecting me for a 2018 educational scholarship. Because of your generous support, I am one step closer to achieving my educational goals and my pursuit of a Bachelor of Science in Fire Administration.” - Russell Thompson

“This scholarship gives me even more motivation to follow my dream of becoming a firefighter paramedic. This award allows me to get the schooling materials I need to succeed and further on my education to become the best I can be.” - Faith Tomasini

“I want to sincerely thank the International Association of Fire Chiefs Foundation for awarding me an IAFC Foundation Scholarship.† With the wider range of responsibilities that I have absorbed through my recent promotion, my education is becoming increasingly valuable and beneficial to the way I function in my new role.† Educational funding is on a limited basis and this scholarship is aiding in my ability to continue my education to reach my goals to serve my village to the best of my ability.” - Matthew Vanderweel

“As one of this year's recipients, I am very grateful for the financial assistance this award will provide me. As a volunteer firefighter and rescue technician for a small community, we have a very limited budget for training. This scholarship will help reduce my financial burdens and provide assistance for me as I continue pursuing my education and personal goals. Thank you for your thoughtful and generous gift.” - Scott VanPatten

“Being awarded this scholarship has reduced the financial impact on my family and allows me to attend more courses to achieve my goal sooner. It will enable me to complete my undergraduate degree in Communication Studies at San Josť State University by Spring 2019. Receiving this award is assisting me in my desire to become a better fire officer and leader in the fire service by meeting my formal educational goals.” - Reginald Williams

“Receiving this scholarship means a lot to me.† It will assist me in pursuing my dream to obtain a degree in Fire Science at the University of New Haven this fall. I hope to one day have a career as a fire fighter.” - Matthew Wilson

“†Thank you so much for granting me this scholarship. This money will help me cover the expenses of the fire academy and therefore bring me closer to my career goals. ” - Colton Wiseman

“In life you will never know what is possible until you try. You must knock on every door and leave no stone unturned. Hope is the key to success, and I want to say thanks to the ICHIEFS foundation for opening the next door to my future.†” - Louis Wortel