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Our Mission

The Foundation was chartered as a non-profit organization in the District of Columbia in 1974. Organized by the International Association of Fire Chiefs (, its primary purpose is to promote higher education and research in the fire sciences and to provide this information to the fire service community.

In an increasingly complex world where science, technology, communications and policy are constantly evolving, it is critical that our nation’s first responders master these fields.

The IAFC Foundation helps ensure our first responders are fully prepared to face the challenges of today and tomorrow and can effectively lead the fire service.

As the demands on the leadership of the fire service become more complex, it is critical that the IAFC Foundation provide increased opportunities to support the educational needs of first responders. You can help by supporting the IAFC Foundation. Click here to learn more about becoming a sponsor.

Each year the IAFC Foundation provides scholarships that make it possible for first responders to access advanced learning opportunities they need in order to be prepared for the increasing complex realities of the world today. The awards made by the IAFC Foundation impact the fire service and communities across America by providing first responders with the educational opportunities they need to lead the fire service and serve and protect our citizens.


IAFC Foundation Bylaws

Click here to view the Foundation's bylaws.


Current Board of Directors Roster:

President, Anthony Campisi, York, PA
Vice-President, George Danz, Naples, FL
Treasurer, Jack McElfish, Lawrenceville, GA
Director, William Askenstedt, East Windsor, NJ
Director, Raymond Barnes, Aurora, CO
Director, Ronald Blackwell, Wichita, KS
Director, Garry Briese, Castle Rock, CO
Director, Randy Bruegman, Anaheim, CA
Director, Paul Darley, Itasca, IL
Director, William Killen, Church Hill, TN
Director, Chief William Shelton Jr., Fredericksburg, VA
Director, Dennis Smith, Astoria, NY
Director, Julian Taliaferro, Charlottesville, VA
Director, Steven Westermann, Blue Springs, MO




Board Members (left to right) William Askenstedt, George Danz, William Killen, Anthony Campisi, staff member Jay McAllister, Jack McElfish, and Julian Taliaferro, shown here during a break at a recent meeting.